Live 4 great learning days about the new finance trends for biodiversity and climate change


Environmental Finance

8:45 a.m. 


  • Jorge Oviedo, Executive Director of FIAES and President of RedLAC |  Republic of El Salvador
  • Luis Pantoja, Provincial Mayor of Cusco | Peru

9:00 am 


Trust Funds: Las contribuciones  e inversiones sostenibles para la implementación de proyectos
Speaker: Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, CEO y Presidente de The Global Environment Facility – GEF  | Costa Rica

9:50 a.m. 


The role of the public and private sector in conservation
Moderator:  Verónica Sifuentes, General Manager of Es Hoy | Peru
  • Pedro Gamboa, Director of Conservation and Social Articulation from UNACEM | Peru
  • José Koechlin, President of Canatur | Peru
  • Antonio Montenegro, General Manager of AMSAC | Peru
  • Manuel Van Oordt, CEO of LATAM | Peru

10:30 a.m. 


A World in Transition – J.P. Morgan’s Role in the Path to Net Zero
Speaker: Jessica Matthews, Global Head of Sustainable Investments at JPMorgan Chase & Co. | U.S.

10:50 a.m. 


Zero Carbon: Processes and an internal transformation to achieve an environmentally responsible operation
Moderator:  Natalia Arango, Executive Director of Fondo Acción | Colombia
  • Carlos Adrianzen, General Manager of Sustainability Unacem | Peru
  • Carolina Díaz, Director of Environment and Sustainable Development of the National Planning Department | Colombia
  • Luis Zapata, Manager of Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability of Lima Expresa of Vinci Highways | Peru
  • Cecilia Rabitsch, Vice President of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability at Southern Peaks Mining | Peru

11:30 a.m.


11:50 a.m. 


Speaker:  Pedro Lerner, Corporate General Manager of the UNACEM Group | Peru

12:00 p.m. 


Supply Generation: Different types of carbon credit projects and the associated challenges
Moderator:   Claudia Godfrey, Director of Innovation and Strategic Management at Profonanpe | Peru
  • Milagros Sandoval, General Director of Climate Change and Desertification of the Ministry of the Environment | Peru
  • Luis Espinel, Vice President of Peru and Executive Director of Conservation International | Peru
  • Angelo Sartori, Director of Stakeholder Engagement at Verra | Chile
  • Matthias M. Pitkowitz, CEO of EQX Biome | U.S.
  • Lucía Madrid, Associate Policy Director at Architecture for REDD+ Transactions | Mexico

1:00 pm


3:00 pm 


Sustainability in the DNA of the modern mining industry: Challenges and opportunities
Speaker:  Fernando Montero, Sustainability & Regional Affairs Manager at Anglo American | Peru

3:20 p.m.


Green Finance focused on Biodiversity and Climate Change: Trends and farsightedness
Moderator: Elvis García, General Director of Economics and Environmental Financing of the Ministry of the Environment | Peru
  • Mauricio Vélez, Sustainability Director of Asobancaria Colombia | Colombia
  • Martín Sanabria, Promotion and Development Manager of the Peruvian Federation of Municipal Savings and Credit Banks – FPECMAC | Peru
  • Sara Reyna, Senior Advisor at GIZ | Peru

4:00 p.m.


Governance and its Impact: ESG Policies in Conservation Trust Funds
  • Juan Etinger, CEO of Morgan Stanley | Argentina
  • Cassio Camara, CEO of Morgan Stanley | Brazil

4:20 p.m.


Resilient Cities
Moderator:   Juan Etinger, CEO of Morgan Stanley | Argentina
  • Lorenzo de Rosenzweig, CEO and Founder of Terra Habitus AC | Mexico
  • Elizabeth Valenzuela, Technical Director of Fondo Acción. | Colombia
  • James Leslie, Technical Advisor for Ecosystems and Climate Change at UNDP | U.S.

5:00 pm

Round table

Dashboard:Innovative financial mechanisms with the private sector for biodiversity conservation
Moderator:  Leonardo García, Coordinator of the BRIDGE Project, an initiative for the benefit of RedLAC and CAFÉ | Costa Rica
  • Sergio Eguino, Executive Director of FUNDESNAP | Bolivia
  • Claudia Godfrey, Director of Innovation and Strategic Management at Profonanpe | Peru
  • Ahmed Lefghih, Executive Director of the Bank of Arguin and Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Trust Fund | Mauritania

5:40 p.m.


Sustainability in tourism promotion and business investments actions
Speaker:  Angélica Matsuda, Executive President of PromPerú | Peru

6:00 pm

New voices: The impact of conservation in the world

Guest Speaker

7:00 p.m.

Cocktail: 30 years of Profonanpe

  • Albina Ruiz, Minister of the Environment | Peru
  • Profonanpe Board of Directors