Live 4 great learning days about the new finance trends for biodiversity and climate change


Environmental Finance

8:45 a.m. 


  • Jorge Oviedo, Executive Director of FIAES and President of RedLAC |  Republic of El Salvador
  • Luis Pantoja, Provincial Mayor of Cusco | Peru

9:00 am 


Trust Funds: Las contribuciones  e inversiones sostenibles para la implementación de proyectos
Speaker: Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, CEO y Presidente de The Global Environment Facility – GEF  | Costa Rica

9:50 a.m. 


The role of the public and private sector in conservation
Moderator:  Verónica Sifuentes, General Manager of Es Hoy | Peru
  • Pedro Gamboa, Director of Conservation and Social Articulation from UNACEM | Peru
  • José Koechlin, President of Canatur | Peru
  • Antonio Montenegro, General Manager of AMSAC | Peru
  • Manuel Van Oordt, CEO of LATAM | Peru

10:30 a.m. 


A World in Transition – J.P. Morgan’s Role in the Path to Net Zero
Speaker: Jessica Matthews, Global Head of Sustainable Investments at JPMorgan Chase & Co. | U.S.

10:50 a.m. 


Zero Carbon: Processes and an internal transformation to achieve an environmentally responsible operation
Moderator:  Natalia Arango, Executive Director of Fondo Acción | Colombia
  • Carlos Adrianzen, General Manager of Sustainability Unacem | Peru
  • Carolina Díaz, Director of Environment and Sustainable Development of the National Planning Department | Colombia
  • Luis Zapata, Manager of Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability of Lima Expresa of Vinci Highways | Peru
  • Cecilia Rabitsch, Vice President of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability at Southern Peaks Mining | Peru

11:30 a.m.


11:50 a.m. 


Speaker:  Pedro Lerner, Corporate General Manager of the UNACEM Group | Peru

12:00 p.m. 


Supply Generation: Different types of carbon credit projects and the associated challenges
Moderator:   Claudia Godfrey, Director of Innovation and Strategic Management at Profonanpe | Peru
  • Milagros Sandoval, General Director of Climate Change and Desertification of the Ministry of the Environment | Peru
  • Luis Espinel, Vice President of Peru and Executive Director of Conservation International | Peru
  • Angelo Sartori, Director of Stakeholder Engagement at Verra | Chile
  • Matthias M. Pitkowitz, CEO of EQX Biome | U.S.
  • Lucía Madrid, Associate Policy Director at Architecture for REDD+ Transactions | Mexico

1:00 pm


3:00 pm 


Sustainability in the DNA of the modern mining industry: Challenges and opportunities
Speaker:  Fernando Montero, Sustainability & Regional Affairs Manager at Anglo American | Peru

3:20 p.m.


Green Finance focused on Biodiversity and Climate Change: Trends and farsightedness
Moderator: Elvis García, General Director of Economics and Environmental Financing of the Ministry of the Environment | Peru
  • Mauricio Vélez, Sustainability Director of Asobancaria Colombia | Colombia
  • Martín Sanabria, Promotion and Development Manager of the Peruvian Federation of Municipal Savings and Credit Banks – FPECMAC | Peru
  • Sara Reyna, Senior Advisor at GIZ | Peru

4:00 p.m.


Governance and its Impact: ESG Policies in Conservation Trust Funds
  • Juan Etinger, CEO of Morgan Stanley | Argentina
  • Cassio Camara, CEO of Morgan Stanley | Brazil

4:20 p.m.


Resilient Cities
Moderator:   Juan Etinger, CEO of Morgan Stanley | Argentina
  • Lorenzo de Rosenzweig, CEO and Founder of Terra Habitus AC | Mexico
  • Elizabeth Valenzuela, Technical Director of Fondo Acción. | Colombia
  • James Leslie, Technical Advisor for Ecosystems and Climate Change at UNDP | U.S.

5:00 pm

Round table

Dashboard:Innovative financial mechanisms with the private sector for biodiversity conservation
Moderator:  Leonardo García, Coordinator of the BRIDGE Project, an initiative for the benefit of RedLAC and CAFÉ | Costa Rica
  • Sergio Eguino, Executive Director of FUNDESNAP | Bolivia
  • Claudia Godfrey, Director of Innovation and Strategic Management at Profonanpe | Peru
  • Ahmed Lefghih, Executive Director of the Bank of Arguin and Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Trust Fund | Mauritania

5:40 p.m.


Sustainability in tourism promotion and business investments actions
Speaker:  Angélica Matsuda, Executive President of PromPerú | Peru

6:00 pm

New voices: The impact of conservation in the world

Guest Speaker

7:00 p.m.

Cocktail: 30 years of Profonanpe

  • Albina Ruiz, Minister of the Environment | Peru
  • Profonanpe Board of Directors

Participate in the parallel
exchange rooms

Carbon Markets

Projects design

Management of knowledge

Innovation in Financing Mechanisms

Project Monitoring

Environmental and Social Safeguards


Effective Territorial Management (Coastal Marine)

Effective territorial management (Andean Amazon)

Indigenous or Native Peoples: Knowledge and Financing

Carbon Markets

Explore the role of environmental funds in the voluntary carbon market and review project design, through benefit and risk analysis. 

Tuesday October 24 in Cusco

Horario Actividad
3:00 pm.

Stefanie Delgado, Director of Investment Portfolio Management at Profonanpe | Peru
3:05 p.m.
Workshop: How to implement a REDD+ carbon project, step by step
Natalia Arango, Executive Director of Fondo Acción | Colombia
3:30 pm.
Session with Questions and Answers
Action Fund and Profonanpe
4:00 p.m.
What are the main functions that environmental funds should assume in the voluntary carbon market?
Natalia Arango, Executive Director of Fondo Acción and Stefanie Delgado, Director of Investment Portfolio Management at Profonanpe
4:55 p.m.
Conclusions and thanks
Stefanie Delgado, Director of Investment Portfolio Management at Profonanpe

Indigenous or Native Peoples: Knowledge and Financing

Room 1: Knowledge

Hora Actividad
3:00 pm.
welcome to the room
Patricia Balbuena, Datem Wetlands Project Director | Peru
3:10 p.m.
- César Sotomayor, National Coordinator of the GEF Agrobiodiversity GIAHS Project | Peru
- Aniceto Quispe Huilca, President of the Quico Community in Q'ero Nation | Peru
- Sanilda Allui, Regional Councilor for the Province of Moyobamba in the San Martín Regional Government | Peru
-Teresa Campos Chong, Deconcentrated Subdirectorate of Interculturality DDC Cusco | Peru
3:50 p.m.
Experiences and identification of indigenous and local knowledge about the environment
-Nigel Crawhall, Chief of section, Local and Indigenous Knowledge System – UNESCO | South Africa
4:20 p.m.
Shared experiences, challenges and lessons learned
question wheel
4:40 p.m.
Patricia Balbuena, Datem Wetlands Project Director | Peru

Room 2: Financing

Hora Actividad
5:00 pm.
Welcome to the Dashboard
Yohannaliz Vega, Head of the Indigenous Peoples Unit of Profonanpe | Peru
5:10 p.m.
- Milagros Castro, Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP) - Prevent USAID | Peru
- Joaquín Wray, CEFO Project Director - Equitable Origin | 0
- Diego Saavedra, Project Leader - DAR | Peru
- Walter Quertehuari, President of the Executor of the Administration Contract of the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve | Peru
- Jamer López, ORAU President | Peru
- Matthew Clark, President and CEO of Nature and Culture International | U.S.
- Elaine Shaijan – President Corpi-SL | Peru
- Fanny Kuiru - General Coordinator of COICA | Colombia
5:40 p.m.
Why is it important to provide financing to indigenous peoples and what challenges have they encountered?
Exchange with panelists - Round 1
6:10 p.m.
Why could indigenous peoples better manage the budget directly and what difficulties exist in indigenous institutions to access financing?
Exchange with panelists - Round 2
6:40 p.m.
Final reflection
Luis Felipe Duchicela, Former Minister of Indigenous and Afro-descendant Affairs of the Republic of Ecuador and Former Global Advisor for Indigenous Peoples at the World Bank and USAID | Ecuador